Below are the companies Higham Ventures, LLC currently owns:

For Every Season

 For Every Season is a gift shop located at Holly Hill Mall.  The store sells a large variety of products such as: Moravian Stars, greeting cards, garden flags, glass pendants, watches, earrings, Moravian Cookies, Pretty Tools, wooden roses and much, much more.


Yo!Zone is a frozen yogurt shop at Holly Hill Mall.  It opened in November 2010 and Higham Ventures purchased it in November 2015.

Kelly & Pavel Design

Kelly and Pavel Design is an online, custom jewelry retailer.  It opened in 2012 and Higham Ventures acquired it in April 2016.

Rudolph & Me

Rudolph & Me is a personalized ornament kiosk that is open during November and December at Holly Hill Mall.

Holly Hill Photography

 Since 2011 Higham Ventures, LLC has been contracted to do photos with Santa and the Easter Bunny at Holly Hill Mall.  Our company gives children of all ages the chance to talk with Santa and the Easter Bunny and create lasting memories.

Elon Gifts was created to sell Elon University gifts and other Elon related merchandise.

Wholesale Fidget Spinners

We sell Fidget Spinners wholesale via our rep groups:

Gift: Darrah & Co
Toy: Sandy Ruben & Associates

Granny's Goodies

Granny's Goodies opened in October 2011 in Holly Hill Mall.  Granny's serves, cookies, cookie cakes, popcorn, ICEEs, Slush Puppies, frozen lemonade and more.